10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Travel Insurance

Travelling to a new place, be it on a vacation or on a business trip, can bring about its own set of worries and anxieties. Ironically, many travellers often think of travel insurance as another thing to worry about. Travel insurance, in fact, has been designed to do just the opposite. Opting for travel insurance can take care of several worries and fears that you might have; along with letting you enjoy a safe trip with peace of mind.

Understanding why one should buy travel insurance

  • In case your flight is cancelled

While it doesn’t happen too often, there is always a chance that your flight gets cancelled due to some reason. This might be due to a technical error, due to bad weather, or a plethora of other reasons. The trip interruption coverage takes care of a situation exactly like this. Your handy travel insurance will give you the money you need to refund any expenses for a new ticket, or even in case you decide to put up in a hotel till you can get on the next flight.

  • In case unforeseen weather conditions damage your final destination

Again, this seems like something out of a movie, but you will be surprised to know that this kind of a situation can actually occur in real life! Some kind of unforeseen weather condition, such as a hurricane, destroys the hotel you were supposed to stay in at your holiday destination just before you were about to depart.

Any kind of pre-paid expenses that you might have put into this trip will be taken care by something called travel insurance protection for weather damage. In this case, you will be able to recover these pre-paid costs. Along with that, you will also get travel assistance services which will guide you in finding another great hotel at your holiday destination, one that luckily the hurricane missed!

  • In case you need to cancel your trip for some reason

This reason occurs more often, that for some reason, maybe personal or business related, you need to cancel your trip. Well, with trip cancellation coverage, any out of pocket expenses that you have made towards this trip will be covered and taken care of. It is important to discuss the terms and conditions about this kind of travel insurance condition with your insurance agent so that you know exactly in what kind of a situation you will be covered, and how much.

  • In case you require any kind of emergency assistance services

Imagine a situation where you are travelling to a new, foreign land where you know nothing of their language. Some kind of an emergency occurs where your train has been cancelled. Now, you don’t know how to communicate your problem with the locals to get help. With emergency assistance services on your travel insurance plan, any non-refundable fees would be recoverable, and you would get the emergency assistance you require to get a new mode of transport to reach your destination.

  • In case your travel company files for bankruptcy

You might have booked a cruise or a guided tour of some sort with a travel company, unfortunately, you find out right before your trip that the cruise has been cancelled as the travel company is facing some financial default issues. In this case, your expenses would be recovered with travel insurance, and you will receive assistance to reschedule and rebook your trip again.

  • In case of emergency medical evacuation

A situation might occur on your trip when you suddenly require emergency transportation services to be taken to the nearest medical facility due to unforeseen ill health. During this case, medical insurance evacuation will take care of this transportation cost completely.

  • In case you misplace your passport

Sheer carelessness or theft of your possessions can cause you to lose your passport during your holiday in an unknown land! With travel insurance which covers lost passports, you can get assistance with replacing and paying for a new passport for yourself.

  • In case your baggage is lost or delayed

Your baggage gets lost, stolen, delayed or even damaged, and you need to put a pause to your trip? Not with travel insurance coverage! You will get reimbursed for the essential items you need for your trip!

  • You need medical care

It is quite possible to suddenly get sick during a trip- be it a fever, a cold, or something more serious. With travel insurance, you will get assistance with your medical bill and won’t ring up a bill higher than your entire travel costs!

  • A terrorist event takes place

A worst case scenario occurs when a sudden terrorist attack occurs on the destination right before you are about to leave. With travel insurance coverage, you don’t need to lose out on the expenses of your trip anymore.

Take a smart decision and opt for travel insurance during any kind of trip; business or pleasure.