Here’s What People Are Saying About Sun West Mortgage Company

Sun West Mortgage Company was founded by Mr.Hari Agarwal in 1980. This company is well known for residential and commercial real estate mortgage.  They also have several other assistance programs like unemployment assistance, mortgage reinstatement programs, principal reductions, and transition assistance programs, which they arrange for their customers.


It was one of United States first mortgage bank. In 2010 they have initiated a new technology to streamline data collection with consumers and brokers. This technology initiated for a more user-friendly experience, which will allow them for the rapid growth of their mortgage security by attracting more customers.


In order to attract customers from the better community, they began to expand their transition from strictly wholesale to retail. They are becoming a major lender to veterans. Currently, they are having a total asset of $9 billion.

Review and feedback about the company:-

  • In the current employee feedbacks and reviews, it’s been stated that no work life balance is available in this company
  • But the company pays according to employee’s productivity and efficiency; also they have excellent compensation structure.
  • They used to assign works to employees without providing proper training.
  • They are a well-known company in the market of residential and commercial real estate mortgage.
  • Sun West Mortgage also works as Partner Company of the United States Department of Veteran Affairs.
  • They guarantee eligible service members a loan as well as borrow a greater percent against their home’s value.
  • After the hurricane Maria they have donated $10000 for repairing the houses.

Sun West Mortgage Company is a very famous name among the mortgage companies. Their current CEO is Pavan Agarwal.  Currently, their services expanded in several segments like Reverse Mortgages, Home Loans, and Financial Assistance. Starting from 2010 they have also achieved a rapid growth in their mortgage-backed securities. United States government ensures all loan amount that is sanctioned by Sun West Mortgage Company against default. This partnership with US government led them to becoming a major lender to veterans.