How to choose a Laptop case

If you use a laptop for work, it means you need a Laptop case. It affects the performance, service life, appearance and usability of a laptop.

Laptop case Types

It can be strict briefcases, briefcases, backpacks, handbags, soft or rigid case covers, bags with a shoulder strap and even travel bags on wheels. Young people, who lead an active lifestyle, choose backpacks or shoulder bags. Buy the Laptop case will want the one who moves by car. Cases due to the severity and bulkiness have recently lost their popularity, but if the priority is laptop security, you can consider this option. Travel bag on wheels with a laptop compartment useful for long trips.

Laptop case materials

The vast majority of bags, backpacks, Laptop case are made of synthetic materials. Nylon and polyester are practical, they do not stretch, do not tear, do not rub, are resistant to household chemicals, repel water and dirt. Nylon is not flammable, but reacts poorly to sunlight. Polyester, by contrast, supports combustion, but is not susceptible to the rays of the sun.

Neoprene has a waterproof and dirt-repellent properties, durable, does not crack in the cold, resistant to ultraviolet radiation. On its basis, make an eco-leather.

Polyurethane and polycarbonate for the manufacture of frame products: cases and hard Laptop case. These materials are lightweight and shockproof. Cellular polycarbonate also has a heat-insulating function.

Organization of space in the Laptop case

The laptop should fit freely into the compartment designed for it, but not hang out there, but should be the same size as possible. Therefore, before you buy a bag, backpack or Laptop case, you need to know its diagonal, and even better – measure its dimensions. It is also desirable that this compartment was equipped with straps for fastening.

Bags, briefcases and backpacks can have several additional compartments and pockets for storing documents, electronic gadgets, and chargers. They are also equipped with organizers adapted to accommodate small things: memory cards, business cards, stationery and other trifles.

Laptop case Security Features

The inner surface of the laptop compartment must be lined with shock-absorbing materials. Cases, briefcases and shoulder bags usually have a rigid frame. Bags of synthetic fabrics except reinforced with thin metal threads. Airborne blocks are used to protect against side impact.

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