How To Make Your Wooden Flooring Shiny?

Hardwood flooring is beautiful. It adds elegance to the home and makes it valuable. Wooden flooring is also durable that makes it everyone’s favourite choice. Although, sometimes people are scared to opt for the wood flooring as it requires high maintenance.

#Tip1 – No Shoes

Create a poster with no shoes inside and hang it outside your home. By taking off your shoes, you keep the dirt and sand out of your home. Ensure that you do not wear socks or stockings. If the floor is wet, then you might slip.

Better to walk barefoot or you can keep a separate pair of slippers for home, which you will NOT use it other than place. Also, keep rugs outside your entrance; it will keep the dirt out of your home.  By following the no shoe policy, one can keep away grit, muck, and other particles that can cause damage to the wooden flooring.

#Tip2 – Furniture Arrangement

Furniture plays a crucial role when it comes to preserving the hardwood floor. Ensure that you arrange furniture at least once a year. Remember wood is absorbent hence it does get affected by a heavyweight. One can also place a cloth underneath the leg of furniture; it will prevent the wood from the scratching. Alongside you also need to protect the flooring with high heels and children toys.

#Tip3 – Deep Mopping

One of the common cause of dull wooden flooring is the mopping a dirty floor. By deep cleaning it now and then the wood loses its natural oils. Using harsh soaps and oils can be the reason for bad wooden flooring. Instead, first, you need to sweep or vacuum the floor thoroughly. If you use the wet mop, then it will leave streaks, scratches and other remains on the floor. Instead always opt for dust mop rather than a broom to avoid scratches on the surface of your flooring.

For those who have wooden flooring often complain that it is not shiny anymore. There are many reasons why the hardwood loses it shine. The above written are three tips and make you forget about the fancy products that provide a guarantee of keeping hardwood flooring new and shine.