Reduce herpes virus infection with effective medicine!

Herpes is the types of infection which are extremely painful, irritating and effects the quality of life too badly. People suffering from this infection pray that it is better if they can remove these days from their lives. Herpes infection is further of several different types namely genital herpes, herpes zoster, cold sires and many other forms. According to the different types of infection, this infection can occur in the children, adults and old aged people too. It can be seen in the males as well as females. It can be seen in any age group, but it is commonly seen in the middle-aged people.

This infection needs treatment as soon as possible because the delay will lead to the spreading of the infection. So, here I am discussing the best medicine for treatment of any kind of herpes infection. Be it zoster or be it genital, the drug will be effective for both infections. The name of the drug is Valtrex. This drug belongs to the anti-viral drugs category.

Mechanism of action of Valtrex:

Unlike all other drugs, this drug is given as a prodrug. It means that the inactive form of the drug is given to the patient and once the drug enters the system, it becomes active. The prodrug form of this drug is valacyclovir. When it enters the body, it gets converted into the acyclovir. Where the inactive form of the drug is valacyclovir, the active form of the drug is acyclovir and the active form is highly effective against the herpes infection.

In the body, herpes virus needs something to replicate and produce the number of viruses. That something is an enzyme known as, DNA polymerase. This enzyme helps in the replication of the virus and helps herpes to spread from one part of the body to another. The converted valacyclovir or acyclovir helps in inhibition of this enzyme and ultimately inhibits the virus activity. In this way, this drug stops the infection within the body.

The dosage of Valtrex:

In herpes zoster infection, the recommended dosage of Valtrex is 1000mg or 500mg. The 2gm dose of Valtrex can be given to the patients of cold sores. You should take this drug two times a day. Always make sure that you keep a gap of at least 11-12 hours between the first dose and the second dose. Apart from it, you can also use the same drug for the herpes labialis infection.

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