Tips On How To Set Up A Company In Singapore

Singapore is the best place to set up a company. The business owners can able to gain more profits and flexibility by doing business in Singapore. If you decided to start a business in Singapore, you must choose a legal structure for it. There are many legal structures to choose from such as sole proprietorship, private limited company, and Limited liability partnership. For the entrepreneurs, it is essential to choose the best legal structures among the other choice. The company is considered to be a part legal person and provide the most flexible, advanced and scalable kind of business structure in Singapore.  We at A1 virtual office Singapore will aid you on how to set a company in Singapore. In the below section we have given tips and tricks on how to register a company:

Tips on how to set up a company

Before registering a company in Singapore, the entrepreneurs must consider several things which are mentioned below:

  • At first, if your aim to register a company in Singapore you must be resident of Singapore. If you are not you cannot able to self- register your business. According to the law, you must utilize the professional company to register your business. If you try to register by yourself, you will be turned away by the government. Due to this, A1 Business happy to guide you throughout this procedure and to answer any queries
  • Before the Singapore company registration, you need to ensure that the Singapore government approves your name. You need government permission before selecting a name when compared to registration in other countries.
  • Next, the person needs many individuals including a director, company secretary, and Each and every company must need one resident director. The person can be any Singaporean citizen, individual and permanent resident who has a valid pass. The company must appoint a person who is above 18 years and must not have any criminal record.
  • The companies in Singapore must have 1 to 50 shareholders. They can be foreign or local entities. Once you completed the company registration in Singapore, you need to appoint a secretary within six months to your company.
  • Finally, you need additional documents for company registration which are as follows:
  • Company name registered with ACRA
  • A brief description of business activities
  • Facts of shareholders
  • Information of directors
  • Details of company secretary
  • Details of Singapore registered address of the company
  • Foreign Entrepreneurs have to present a copy of their passport and residential address proof
  • Foreign Companies must submit memo and articles of Associations
  • Singapore people must offer a copy of their Singapore identity card

Thus the above are the tips on how to register a company in Singapore. A1 setting up a company in Singapore will aid you a lot while registering. For more information contact us at any time to solve your queries. We will guide on every step by step process.