What Not to Eat While Wearing Orthodontics

If you’re wearing Annapolis orthodontics to straighten out your teeth, your orthodontist has probably given you instructions on how to take care of them. However, at every meal you may face the question: is this safe to eat? To find out, read our quick guide to food and drinks that you can indulge in or should avoid while wearing braces.


Reach For: H2O

Plain water is a great beverage when you’re wearing orthodontics. It helps wash away bits of food caught in your braces, improves your breath, and leaves no residue. For an extra bonus, look for water that’s boosted with fluoride. If that’s a little too plain for you, try out zero-calorie flavored waters.

Avoid: Fruit juices.

Juices, especially those with pulp or added sugar, are hazardous to your teeth. The particles in them can get caught in your braces, and the sugars encourage bacterial growth in your mouth. While you’re at it, avoid drinks with ice. Crunching on ice can damage the brackets on your braces.


Avoid: Popcorn

Popcorn kernels and husks are notorious for getting stuck in crevices between teeth. With your orthodontics in, there’s all the more places for food to lodge into. This goes double for sweet, caramel-coated popcorn, which is extremely sticky.

Reach For: Soft Fruits

When you’re craving a snack, think about softer fruits like nectarines and kiwis. These offer a big pop of tangy flavor, fill you up with healthy fiber and carbs, and are unlikely to stick in your braces.

Avoid: Tough Foods

This category includes chewy foods that give your jaw a workout like pizza crusts, raw carrots, and nuts. Because you have to use a lot of strength to chew these foods, you’re more likely to damage your braces’ wires and brackets.

Reach For: Smooth Foods

There’s a whole world of tasty, smooth-blended foods out there for you to enjoy while wearing braces. These include smoothies, applesauce, puddings, and even ice cream! Just remember, if you eat sweet foods, to brush right afterwards to clear the sugar from your teeth.

Avoid: Sticky Foods

Are you trying to break your caramel craving by popping chewing gum? You’ll need to find another way to beat the sugar habit. Sticky foods including candy, gum, and peanut butter are all highly likely to stick in your braces.

Want to Find Out More?

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