What Types of Treatments Do Orthopedic Specialists Offer?

If you are dealing with any type of bone or joint pain or problem, you may wish to work with an orthopedic specialist in West Nyack, NY. These types of doctors specialize in joint and bone problems. But, if you have never worked with one before, you may wonder what types of treatments they offer. Here are a few of the ways that an orthopedic specialist in West Nyack, NY can work to treat you.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is one of the most common treatments that is offered by an orthopedic specialist. An orthopedic specialist may refer you out to a physical therapist or may offer treatment in their office. Physical therapy is a series of exercises that help to strengthen the affected part of your body. This not only helps the area to heal, but it allows helps to prevent muscle loss and weakness. This helps to minimize the chances of repeated injuries to that body part in the future.


The second type of treatment that orthopedic specialists offer is medication. There are a number of ways to help relieve pain, symptoms, swelling and inflammation from injuries on your own. This includes using ice, a heating pad and physical therapy. However, in some cases, the pain and/or swelling are so severe that they negatively impact your recovery. Medications can be prescribed to help relieve your pain and reduce inflammation.


The third common treatment offered by orthopedic specialists is massage. Massage therapy helps to relieve pain, increase blood flow and oxygen to the area, reduce swelling and increase strength. Massage has been used for centuries to treat injuries, and it is still an effective treatment method today.


The fourth and final common treatment that is offered by orthopedic specialists is surgery. Depending on the injury, surgery may be the only or the best option. If a bone is shattered, rods or pins may need to be inserted to help hold the bone in place and strengthen it. This helps the bone to heal while also helping to decrease the chances of a weakened bone breaking in the future. Joints, muscle tears and ligaments problems may also require surgical intervention.

Surgery is almost always combined with one or more of the treatment methods above. For example, physical therapy may be used after surgery to help the affected area properly heal.

An orthopedic specialist in West Nyack, NY can work to heal your bone or joint pain through the use of physical therapy, medication, massage and/or surgery. If you are looking to see an orthopedic specialist, Crystal Run Healthcare can help you. Call us today to schedule an appointment.